Muhammadu Buhari and His Beautiful Daughters.

By OMA | 01-06-2019 | Politics |  

President's Daughters.

President Bubu.jpeg

Call them Presidential women and you would not be wrong. Call them the President's Daughters and you would still be right.

Call them first Children of the Ferederation and its still all good.

One of the President's Assistants Bashir Ahmed had in a tweet posted a picture of President Muhammadu Buhari and all around him were Beautifully adorned, Warmly Smiling Charming Pretty Women.

Who were these women around Mr President?

Call them Women in his life and you would not be wrong. Call them his Daughters and it hits the nail right on the Head.

Very reserved pretty girls all smiling but most out spoken happens to be Zahra whom is Married to the Billionaire's Son Indimi.

Lately, Zahra had come out to outline some of the successes in President Buhari's First term and even her worst critics were forced to agree to some of these enviable feet.

We can only wish the 1st Family a very happy Jolly ride as they Pilot us to the NEXT LEVEL in the Next 4 years.