Most Corrupt Nigerian Alive. : Atiku Abubakar

By OMA | 14-11-2018 | Politics |  

Benefitted from Sale of Nigeria thru Privatisation


It is either people know and just choose to turn a blind eye or they dont know at all or they have totally forgotten.

Atiku Abubakar is by the MOST corrupt man in Nigeria since the Independence 1960.

Ask yourself, How many retired Custom officers do you see that has the type of wealth Atiku parades?

Ask yourself, how many former Vice president is as wealthy as Atiku.

Atiku is wealthier than 3 past presidents and head of states put together.

let me tell you why that is.

First I would like to state categorically that "PRIVATISATION" Is the Greatest form of Corruption in Nigeria history.

What is privatisation? Taking Government owned property and selling to private individiual at peanut price.

Atiku as Vice to Obasanjo was the Head of Privatisation.

They sold government properties to themselves and their cronies alike.

When Federal Universities were on strike in Nigeria owing to poor funding, Atiku Abubakar at the same time was funding and Building his private University in Yola Town, Adamawa state. The American University of Nigeria AUN.

Atiku used instruments of the state for personal gains.

Atiku enriched himself at our expense. Yes! Me and You. At our expense.

Atiku was so enmeshed in corruption the Haliburton Scandal had his accomplice Congressman Jefferson serving a jail term in the United States of America while Atiku has the guts and enfontry to contest for President of the Federal republic of Nigeria...

The Truth is, few People only want Atiku just to spite Buhari.

How can you prefer a Fulani Man to replace a Fulani Man? What has changed?

Peter Obi is nowhere close to Professor Yemi Osibajo as a vice President.

this is a Professor of Law, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

You can never compare their profiles as vice Presidents. Meat and pomo no be mate. If not for Politics, Peter Obi is supposed to be an erand boy to Professor Osibajo.

lets face the crux of the matter.

Atiku is Corruption personified.

A vote for Atiku is a vote for Regression.

A vote for Buhari is a vote for Progression.

I look forward which to me is the only direction.

Progression is not just an APC slogan, it is a Buhari way of Life.

for continuity of Progress, Please just Vote Muhammadu Ogbuagu Okechukwu Abraham Lincon Buhari..

I rest my case

OMA.. Writing for