Mixed Reactions as Dapchi Girls are returned unharmed.

By OMA | 23-03-2018 | Politics |  

Movie script or not. Girls were returned

Dapchi Girls.

Mixed reactions has continued to trail the release of the Dapchi girls by the Boko Haram Insugent in Dapchi town, Yobe state, North-east Nigeria.

Recall that about a month ago some girls were abducted from their school at the Government girls science and technical college Dapchi, yobe state by the Boko Haram terror group whom all along had tagged western education as a sin.

Their abduction came on upon the Nation as a rude shock and left the people and government with a bitter taste in their mouth.

The Defence headquarters had earlier briefed journalist how the Department of State security were instrumental in facilitating and negotiations towards the release of these girls.

Reports had it that the whole town of Dapchi were in jubiliation mode as the Terrorist boko haram group brought back the girls and adviced they should be married off Instead of schooling.

However, a tale had it that one of the girls was not released on account that she was a Christian and would not renounce her faith in christ.

President Buhari had earlier stated he would stop at nothing till the Christian girl is released to join her collegue.

The other twist was the mixed reactions that trailed the release of the girls by online users with most people opposing the current regime and the main opposition party PDP pointing put a fowl play claiming it was a well orchestrated move comparing it to a badly scripted Nollywood movie.

The bottm line remain to be that the Girls are back.