Lock Down.. Relax or Continue? For or Against

By OMA | 04-05-2020 | Politics |  

Partial Systematic easing of lockdown

Corona V.jpeg

Am I missing out on something?

Was there a discussion between Government and the Corona Virus, where the Virus agreed it wont cause anymore damage and people can now start to resume to normal life.

Has the Virus Surrendered?

Did the Virus give its consent that it has agreed to stop infecting people and signed a peace deal.

Is there some sort of Treaty, has there been compromise between humanity and the Novel dreaded Corona Virus.

Have scientist come out to make bold statements claiming to have gotten the cure for the Virus and hence people can resume to normal life?.

Is there something im missing out on that has given average Nigerians the impetus to jump to the streets to work.

Has Corona Virus Dissapeared?

Is there a piece of information I have not been privy to or are people just being outright stupid and foolish enough to Dare this dreaded Virus.

Even if truly the Government systemically relaxed the Lock-down, as for me, im not just adding more lock down but also total lock up and complete self isolation and quarantine.

You can go about looking for money, one thing im sure is that, Money sure can not buy life....

Hunger.. during the Biafran war, People still survived hunger... Its better to be hungry than to dare Corona Virus.

I know you are tired of lock down, i know you are scared of Hunger, i know your economy and money in your account is dwindling but please Just Remember...

Dead Men Dont Tell Tales.

Dont Dare the Dare-Devil Corona Virus. Stay at home and Please be safe.