#LetterToEFCC that can Eradicate Poverty from Nigeria in 6 months.

By OMA | 07-11-2019 | Politics |  

Block chain Technology on the rise.


A letter writen to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions has sparked online frenzy amongst Social media Enthusiast.

In a letter supposedly written to the commission before hand, the Writer had sort to introduce himself and his brand of business officially to the Ever watching Crime Detector of the country, Especially Financial crimes.

It was as if to say, Here am I before you look for me. I am not here for anything illegal. I have developed a technology that works in line with how other block chain technologies work like the Bitcoin

The writer further went to make bold the claims he could eradicate poverty from Nigeria within an ample period of 6-9 Months.

This letter has generated lots and lots of reactions online.

Catch a glimpse of the letter here.