Kemi Adeosun Suffered from a Retrogressive Law.

By OMA | 15-09-2018 | Politics |  


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After reading her resignation letter, I was pained in my heart. I was heartbroken and devastated.

One of my most favourite international journalist in one of his books writing on most African countries he had visited wrote about Nigeria and I quote. "Nigeria is a Failed Country that works".

Nigeria as an entity baffles me. These things are everyday occurrences but the remedy is never to get caught.

From Kemi Adeosuns resignation letter you would deduce she was already over age 30 before venturing into real time rendering of her services in Nigeria.

The NYSC laws even seem bogus.

is it that any Nigerian that schooled in Nigeria and Graduated from Nigerian University must also tender a valid Youth Service certificate..


People born and bred abroad but have Nigerian Roots and hope to render their services in Nigeria must also submit a mandatory One Year youth service certificate .

Then coming to the issue of her age at the Time.. 34. She was way over 30 already. The stipulated age for which you are no longer eligible for NYSC.

Now, The question is, an Exemption is an exemption. How then can an exemption certificate be forged since its not as if it were the Certificate for the main NYSC Scheme itself.

Then why all of a sudden the holier than thou attitude with Nigerians?

Nigeria is the country plagued the most with forged documents in her economy, since we operate on Certificate basis and not competence.

Kemi Adeosun to me has been sacrificed on the alter of corruption in a higly perversed and corrupt society.

The lesson I seem to be getting here is this..

its okay. Everybody does it, But dont get caught.

Nigerians are just deceiving themselves...