Is Dino Melaye About to join APC

By OMA | 14-07-2019 | Politics |  

All Politics is Local.

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In Politics, the saying goes, "All Politics is local".

In Politics, there are no permanent friends nor permanent foes but permanent interest.

News coming out from Kogi state politics suggest Yahaya Bello might not have gained as much clout and popularity as expected over his tenure and hence the ruling All Progressives Congress not wanting to relinguish power in Kogi state might be courting a more Popular politician Dino Melaye to come over to the APC.

Outraged graced the open endorsement of Yahaya Bello by President Muhammadu Buhari when Yahaya Bello had paid him a courtesy visit to announce for his re-elections.

Political Analyst believes the Ruling APC might have gotten the message and hence decided to start courting Dino to leave the PDP for the APC, Especially now that his erstwhile Godfather Bukola Saraki is no more relevant in the scheme of events.

This was predicated on events that unfolded concerning how the Federal Govetnment responded in terms of the late Mother of the Kogi State Senator during her Butial rites.

President Muhammadu Buhari had personally written a letter to convey Federal Governments Condolence to the Melaye's.

Dino Melaye took to his twitter handle to display such sensitive letter from his Excellency, Executive President, Federal Republic of Nigeria on the occasion of the Burial of the mother to the Kogi State PDP Senator.

It is left to see how Dino Melaye would respond to this Troygian Horse gesture extended to the Melaye's by the ruling APC Federal Government.