Internet Police.

By OMA | 25-11-2019 | Politics |  

Policing for Hate Speech and other Internet Related Offences.


Social media Bill.

Gagging the Internet.

Internet Policing..

It is simple.

The Federal Government should write to the Senate to Pass a bill to Establish a Department for Internet Policing.

Once there is an official Act to establish for Internet Policing, there should be a wide spread consultative forums with all stake holders as what Internet crimes should be, Whom are Responsible for Tackling Internet Crimes including Speeches on Social media.

Once there is agreement between all stakeholders involved in the delibration and it is estblished the roles and responsibilities and functions of an Internet Police, then the Senate can then pass a Law on Hate Speech before even prescribing penalty as high as a death sentence,

Until then, The National Assembly should please do us all a Favour by dumping that Bill in the Trash.

Death Sentence for Expressing your views on the Internet in this 21st Century is the most cruel penalty any persons can ever prescribe.

This is Inhumane and anti-Human and tant amount to supressing God given rights of Freedom and fundamental rights of Expression.

Once you take the freedom of Expression from any groups of the society, it would be on records Nigeria would habe descended to a new low.

May our society not be a retrogresive Society but a Truly progressive one.

For Any government to be termed progressive, the Hate speech bill has met so much wide spread condemnation, so it is anti-human and certainly can not be progressive.

We urge the All Progressive Congress APC to caution the APC Senator in the National Assembly pushing this anti-people bill not to talk of having it scale 2nd reading.

There is nothing Progressive about this Bill and if the All Progressive Congress APC truly stands for Progression, Social Media Bill can not be part of tool to take us to the #NextLevel not at this age and time.

The senate can brainstorm better ideas of Internet Policing. Do a widespread consultative stakeholders forum, reach agreements that there is about to be an introduction of internet police but not just wake up one morning to pass a Social Media Bill.

These are no more the Industrial age, these are now Knowledge driven smart digital economies and Nigeria should not constitute herself a Pariah State.

Everyday on Twitter, People Tweet at American President Donald Trump.

People tweet the exact expression of their feeling at the President of the perceived developed Countries of the world.

If you tamper with confidence of participators of the playing space in the digital economy either by gagging their online communications, then you reduce participation from Nigeria in this Wild raging fire catching internet dispensation.

Online Opinion ; Gagging the Internet in the name of Social Media Regulatory Bill.

OMA. Public Affairs Analyst. Site Administrator