Igbos Vs Yoruba Slug it out 2023 Elections, Hausa Referees.

By OMA | 23-12-2018 | Politics |  

Between Igbo and Yoruba Presidency In 2023

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Being very objective and not wanting to take sides, I will pose the question to you all my teaming readers.

Who truly deserves 2023 Presidency? Igbos or Yorubas?

Who will the Hausa's give their suppourt?

I pose this question for several reasons.

One is that, Rochas okorocha the Owelle of Igbo land has vowed no one can stop him to contest Nigeria Presidency come 2023.

For a long time now 2023 has been seeming and looking exclusively the birth right of the Igbos going by the Principle of Rotation. Afterall Obasanjo was Yoruba (South West). Late Yar'adua was Northern extraction, Goodluck Jonathan was Ijaw, Minority South-South, Then the Sitting President His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari another Northerner seen in some quota as competing Yar'aduas tenure.

From all indices, 2023 seems to be the turn for the South East and Igbo man, But how can an Igbo man that wants Biafra still seek at the same time to be President of Nigeria "(Zoo)" in Maazi Nnamdi Kanu's Language.

You can not want Biafra and want Nigeria at the same time. It is like wanting to have your cake after eating it.

Atiku Abubakar the PDP presidential aspirant has at several times dangled the 2023 carrot at the igbos should they support his 2019 bid for presidency, but the big question is this, can Atiku be trusted to go only for one term.

Which Politician doesnt want a 2nd term, after all Obasanjo even wanted a 3rd term.

Why are the Igbos being ridiculed all in the name of 2023.

The latest Bomb however is coming from no other person but the incumbent vice president, Pastor Professor (SAN) Yemi Osibajo.

Professor Yemi Osibajo was reported to have visited the Aalafin of Oyo and during his visit to the Great Oyo Empire, it is reported the Vice President went tribal by asking the Yoruba's to vote APC in the February 2019 upcoming general elections if the Yorubas stand a chance to come back 2023.

Believe you me. This is the first time I am hearing of possibility of a yoruba presidency In 2023 but what can I say.. this is Nigeria. Nothing stops a credible Yoruba man from assuming the number 1 seat of the land come 2023 especially when it is not against the constitution.

The big question for 2023 is this,

Who will the Hausa's Support.

All I am trying to say is this. Igbo's keep crying of marginalisation but all I see is igbo's maginalising igbos.

If you dont vote for Buhari, dont expect Buhari to work wonders in Igbo land and dont expect Buhari to hand over power to Igbos in 2023.

Major Federal highways are being constructed in igbo land under this administration of his excellency Muhammadu Ogbuagu Buhari.

2nd Niger Bridge has been made a piority under this same adminiatration and yet igbo people wants Buhari to bend over backwards to please them before they give him a single vote from igbo land and yet igbos want 2023.

Who is playing who.

Igbos are playing themselves.

Osibajo just brought another perspective and dimension to the game and it makes it all the more interesting.

Yoruba for 2023..

Better still.. Osibajo for 2023.

Igbo people can learn politics from Hausa and yoruba, face Biafra or take the back sit.

Abidemi Osinubi Martin writing as a concerned Nigerian from Abuja.