How Prepared are you for the "Post Corona Virus" Era

By OMA | 08-04-2020 | Politics |  

There is fire on the Mountain and there are nowhere to run to

Corona V.jpeg

People Must Brace up for the Post Corona Virus Era.

The Quantum scale of Depression would be next to none the world had ever seen. Not Even "The Great Depression" era would come anywhere close. Massive devastation, hunger, Famine. Nations would run out of reserves, Credit would be scarce, slave owners would increase and the Depression would bite hardest that Recovery would almost be "Impossible".. Impossible is Nothing...

Survivors must know that what is coming is way beyond Corona Virus.

When they said a Trumphet would Sound, literarily it wouldn't be a Trumphet like a Trumpet Trumphet per say.. Corona virus is way louder than any Trumphet.

No Trumphet can sound louder than Corona Virus that has already reverberated the whole world over.

We must brace up for what is to come hoping for the Best yet Expecting the worst..

Stay Safe, Be Prudent, Manage your Resources effectively. Live life by the day. Anyday you wake up to see another day, be thankful and grateful cos everyday now would be such a gift as no single individual is promised Tommorow.

Live everyday like its going to be your last. Reconcile yourself with your creator. Be at peace with Nature. Eat, Drink, Make merry. Wash your Hands. Have your Bath often. Listen to the News, be ready to evolve. Think outside the box. Innovation is what would sell. Forget the old things, knowledge would increase, all things would be new.

Post Corona Virus would usher in a new world order. Old things would be passed away and all things would become new, so renew yourself. .

Dont be the same old you in a brand New world...

You will go thru Hell. Dont Buldge but resolve you will come out on fire blazing hot.