Goodluck Jonathan. The Hero that Never was.

By OMA | 23-11-2018 | Politics |  

My Transition Hour.

Not just snippets or excerpts. I have taken my time to read Goodluck Jonathans Book, "My Transition Hour".

I have concluded to myself long before Now.

Goodluck Jonathan Is a Hero that should have been but Never Was... sad.

After I read the Book, I understood why Chief Bisi Akande had refered to Jonathan as a 'Kindergarten President'.

Goodluck Jonathan is just a Cry Baby that blames the whloe world but himself for his defeat.

before you read from here to there in the Book, you will hear him rethorically say stuffs like

"In the Interest Of Peace".

Goodluck Jonathan should go and read about great Philosophers and their stand on peace.

Only Ideals look Peaceful, but if you look back in time in the history of mankind, History is violent.

"Ideals are Peaceful, History is Violent".

This was postulation of an American War veteran whom had fought Nazi soldiers deep interior Germany 1948 during World War 2.

Sergent Don Collier A.k.a War-Daddy.

I guess Goodluck never truly knew the full powers behind him being C in C.

Goodluck blamed Barrack Obama.

Goodluck Blamed former Uk Prime minister David Cameron.

He blamed Obasanjo, Blamed Buhari, Blamed The British colonial masters, Blamed the electorate, blamed everybody but himself. Self righteous ex-president.

His book is filled twisted historical facts.

you said you suspected something sinister about the mode and manner Chibok girls were abducted and u sat like vegetable.

Goodluck to me is a Hero that never was...

Elections werent yet over, you had called Buhari to congratulate him.

Jonathan should not pretend Lives were not lost during his regime as president.

as a matter of fact, Nigerian territoraility had never been under such threat as it was under Goodluck's administration.

Goodluck's administration would go down in history as the point in time it was most un-safe to be Nigerian that resides in Nigeria.

Goodlucks Transition Hours is filled with Hate Speeches.

Goodluck should understand that Nigerians voted him out, Not Obasanjo or Obama or David Cameron.

I would have tot our ex-president was already over this but "My Transition Hours" leaves more questions than Answers.

Concerned Nigerian. OMA.