Game On ; Between Apostle Sulieman and Sowore

By OMA | 05-11-2019 | Politics |  

Did he truly turn down the offer


Mild but continuous never ending drama once again played out Between the Publisher of Sahara Reporters Omoyele Sowore and the President, Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide Apostle Suleman.

Recall that Sowore through his Sahara Reporters outfit had published a series of damaging revelations about Apostle Suleman's Affair with one lady called Stephanie Otobo.

The Apostle was on record to have said he would look past what Sowore had done to him and still stand as Suriety for Sowore to meet his bail condition.

Remember that Sowore has been in detention since after being held by the Authorities on issues of Sowore and his group trying to incite public nuiencance with the now infamous #RevolutionNow protest.

The Court had long asked Sowore to produce Suriety that can stand for his bail and till this day the bail conditions have not been met.

This i guess is reason why Pastor Suleman offered to stand as one for Sowore.

Well, The latest now is that Sowore Legal Counsel has said to Pastor suleman that he does not fit nor is he elgible to stand as suriety for Sowore being that the Apostle doesnt meet certain conditions as stipulated by the court and would not be accepting the offer.

The legal counsel however, claimed to be working to perfect the bail conditions to secure the release of Sowore on bail.