Fresh 2019 Forcast

By OMA | 09-01-2019 | Politics |  

Prosperity for the land.


After Observing some emperical indicies. Studying some socio-political patterns, I make bold to say these are my immediate FORCAST for year 2019.

  1. Buhari got only 198,000 votes from South-East Ndigbo last Elections, This time, Muhammadu Buhari would Secure way past 500,000 votes from Ndigbo extraction of the South-East. Our Igbo brother know better now.

  2. One thing im sure of is this. The total amount of votes Atiku would score in this 2019 Elections would be far less than what Goodluck Jonathan scored in 2015. In other words, if it were Atiku, Goodluck And Buhari Contesting, Buhari would still come 1st, Goodluck 2nd and Atiku MUST still carry Last.

  3. I see Massive Defection from the PDP back to the APC. more Senators would Shock the PDP by defecting to the APC.

  4. Super Eagles would bring back our Joy in the African Nations Cup. Glory restored. I see Mikel Obi Lifting that Trophy beforing retiring from International football both club and country.

  5. Nigerian workers by March 2019 would receive #30,000 minimum wage. I see this live and Direct.

  6. Rotimi Amechi would take a train Ride from Lagos to Kano in 9 hours by year 2021.

  7. Power supply and Electricity would improve to about 12,000 megawatts by end of 2020.

  8. Fertilizer would abound abundantly. Nigerian farmers would experience bountiful harvest. Food stuffs would be cheap all year round 2019.

  9. Naira would appreciate againsy the Dollar Marginally. #299/$1 would be CBN official bank rate and #305 in aboki in parallel market.

  10. EFCC would grow more feircest. Dino, Saraki, Atiku, Fayose must pay the ultimate price for corruption.

  11. Nigerian Economy would boom above world bank forcasted expectation.

  12. Vote of no confidence would be passed on Donald Trump or his Mid-term election rating would drop showing a lot of Americans has lost fate with Trump.

  13. House Democrates would Never Allow Donald Trump build the Mexican Border wall hence prolonging the United States Government shutdown than necessary.

  14. Boko Haram would increase activity just before elections but the Nigerian Army thru Python Dance would contain them.

  15. Joint Multinational Task force in the lale chad basin would flush out ISIS and ISWAP drastically.

  16. His Excellency, Destroyer of the PDP, Ogbuagu 1. Muhammadu Abraham Lincoln Buhari would Defeat Atiku Hands dowm convincingly you will never have to hear anything about rigging.

  17. 2019 elections would be the freest and fairest Elections ever in Nigerian History.

If these my forcasts dont hit, they wont be off the mark by much.

If Buhari does not win with absolutly wide margin.. I delete my facebook account and you all would miss me. Kapish.

Osinubi Martin Abidemi (OMA) Forcasting for