Forget APC, Forget PDP.. These are the True #Changes we need.

10-09-2018 | Politics |  

The change we need.


Nigerians truly need Behavioral changes.

Nigerians really need Attitudinal changes.

Nigerians need change in Mentalities.

Nigerians need changes in their orientations.

Nigerians need changes in their perceptions of livelihood and approach humanity.

Nigerians need to change their approach and perceptions about Money...

We all talk about change, bit these changes are not possible if we dont begin by looking from within.

Lets start this article from familiar territories.

A Nigerian in Nigeria in his small post wants to oppress and intimidate from that his position.


We all know the spate of killings and kidnapping and ridiculous activities of criminal bandits and brigands in power.

Its so sad crime thrives in our society like any other society tho but what is much more saddening is when an agency set up to fight crime becomes criminal in it self.

The need for SARS can not be over emphasised, we need SARS, but bcos we need SARS Doesn't mean SARS should constitute herself a mini god and abrogate the powers of God to itself. .

SARS now do and undo. A SARS official would brazenly open his mouth an boast and brag.. "Them no dey count my bullet ooo, if I waste u now I go just tag u as armed robber and nothing go happen".

That is the most scariest thing I ever heard in the 21st century.

In as much as we need this Arm of the Police, we also need some decorum and civility in their activities...

Nigerian Nurses especially in Government hospitals.

These are another sets of dare devils. In the united states of America, life is so precious that a Nurse could loose her job just cos she wasn't having a smiling face when attending to a patient but what do you have in Nigeria? We have Nurses who are so so rude to not just thier patient but also to anxious relatives of patients.

What do you make of it when a Nurse tells a pregnant woman expecting delivery, in the Nurses words

"You are not the 1st woman to give birth to a child in this Wuse General Hospital Abuja, if you die during child birth, this hospital would continue to attend to to pregnant women after you die and there is nothing anybody would do about it".

I was shocked to my bone marrow when I heard those words come off the mouth of a nurse. . A medical worker that swore to an oath of compassion..


It is very wrong to place one profession above another profession.

Everybody has different callings and different passions.

To think bcos you are a medical Doctor makes your profession higher than Pharmacist and other health workers and even people outside the health industry is just mere falacy.

A doctor is in no way higher than an Engineer, or a Pilot or Teacher.

We all can not be Doctors, so, doctors should desist from using cheap blackmail to hold the FG and Nation to ransome anytime their medical syndrome gets the best of them.


Sex for mark lectures are everywhere in the country and these people are gradually bringing ridicle to education in Nigeria.

An average everyday Nigerian that finds him or herself in a position of services uses such position for exploitating people he is ment to serve.

You go to an organisation and a security man gets all agressive at you except you grease his palms with bribe.

Secretaries in ministries would not allow you see permanent secretaries or ministers or push ur file unless u pay bribes.

Students dont pay attention to virtues of hardworks as they all want to cut corners by defrauding the system, cheating their way thru exams.

Politician are the worst.. dont even go there.. its a no go area.. every 4 year cycle we get to hear intrigues and power play out in our political space with no commensorate development in the land.. these politicians have looted this country blue black.

If we want to join the rest of the advancing nations that are by the way not waiting for us in advancement, then we must change our Orientations, our collective psychologies, our mentalities, our approach and attitude to Money.