Five Thousand Naira or a Nigerian Identification Card.

By OMA | 17-10-2019 | Politics |  

The Debate is solely about the Price of the Policy and not the Policy itself.

President Bucho

Being a Nigeria would now cost you #5,000.

That seems the only message nay sayers are preaching about the National Identity card Trending Issues.

Lets Even accept it would set you back #5,000.

Note, the first round of Regiatration was free. This Only starts to imply when your First Issuance is Expeired after a span of Time, Say Like 4 to 5 Years..

It means You Only pay upon renewal and paradventure you Lost your Identity card and you have to Renew it, Then you have to pay for Renewal.

But as Usual, Typical Nigerias would chase shadows and leave substance.

The IDENTIFICATION part in the National ID Card issue as usual has been left out of Public domain.

Their Own is just to criticise any Buhari's Administrational Policies.

For Any Government to be taken Seriously, that Govenrment must be able to be held accountable.

Accounting Starts from Counting and before you Count from a collection, you must sort and categorise just for the sole purpose of issuing a Personal Identification.

Nigeria Can not Boast of a central Data base of it Citizens, We work with Speculations and Estimations.

Best Figures Nigeria Can Boast for Planning is United Nations Estimates.

It is high time Nigerians need to begin to get Identified.

The Government Must Not Just Stop there but should Also impose it and Make it Mandatory that Every Single individual within Nigerian's Territorial Space is Identified.

Only When this happens can we start to take ourselves seriously as Nigerians.

When we can Account For Ourselves as Nigerians, When we can Account to ourselves as Nigerians and when we can hold the Government accountable is the Day Nigeria begins to Emerge to take its place Amongst the Commity of Nations.

National Identification Should not be take as a Joke. Infact, #5,000 is fair enough to be Registered to be Identified as a Nigerian. These are Prices we Must pay for Structural Developments, Every Reforms Has Price to be paid.

If National Identification Management Office can Say with Just #5,000, and makes it mandatory and Compulsory and it is Enforced to the later.

Crime Rate in Nigeria Would Drop over 50%. That I can assure.

I Love the New National Minister of Communications, Panatami. Heard he ordered the Nigerian Communication Commission to block all sim Cards not duely registered.

Truth is, Proper Identification makes Tracking Easy. For there to be any traces of Growth and Development, The People needs to be identified.

It is a Shame in 2019 that Nigeria can not Identify all her Citizenry one by one as they do in more Advanved Countries where Everybody has Social Security Number.

Our National Identification number in Nigerian can be termed as what other advanced Countries call their Social Security Number.

For there to be True Social Security, A Serious Government must be able to account for its people and Account to her people.

I Just Pray One day every single individual in Nigeria would be Identified at a minimal cost. I Pray they Block every unregistered Sim Cards in Nigeria.

These are Massive leaps and Giant Strides to Curbing Crime. National Planning would be much Easier.

Truth is,

It is not our Generation that would profit or benefit from these Policies but the Children of our Next Generation.

20 Years from now People would look back and see all the Giant Strides President Buhari Leaped.

I make bold to say President Buhari is the Best Democratically Elected President That Has Happened to Nigeria Since Independence even tho his administration had its own fair schemishes of its own lows typical with every Administrational Process.

Una Never See Something, You think to Repair Nigeria is Easy or would come Free of Charge. Oshofrey..

You better go and Source for How you will get your 1st National ID card for Free Cos The Present National ID Card I have with me and for me came Free and I would not Hesitate in the Future to pay #3,000 for Renewal if it Expires or #5,000 if it gets missen.

National ID Card is still free, I have mine, biko go and get your own.