Fearless.. Muhammadu Buhari

By OMA | 23-10-2019 | Politics |  

Anti Corruption Czar

Baba Bucho.jpg

It was just too hard for them to come to terms with how much he had healed, they had to make belief for themselves and their teaming wailers the President was a Double. Jibrin From Sudan.

Looking at Him, you wont believe he was the one that went and came back from that inglorious 100 days away from Nigeria on Medical grounds.

Darts hurled at him from every sphere of the society. Fighting tooth and nail day and night remained the hallmark of the Nigerian Army retired General.

Looking How far he has come, He has moved from strength to strength and he is sure to still Work Wonders.

One thing is certain. Buhari's Administration is a working Administration and we are all Testament to this fact.

Live Long and Prosper Baba Buhari. Your Name would Forever be ingrained in History Books as the Fearless General that became President after 4 try's.