Fasoranti's Daughter Killers, Fulani herdsmen or Assassins, Crime is Crime.

By OMA | 14-07-2019 | Politics |  

Murder of Fasoranti's Daughter.

Funke Fasotanti.jpeg

One of the Greatest Nigerian Problems is that of chasing shadows and leaving substance.

If that isnt the case, How then can such a high profile have been reported murdered only to have a National debate as to tribe and ethnicity of her supposed muderers.

In more civilised climes, less than 24hours, perpetrators of such dastardly act would have been apprehended and brought to book to face Justice.

Funke Fasorati, Daughter of Pa Fasoranti, one of the topmost Afenifere Leaders was killed by masked gunmen according to eyewitness report.

Her Driver and her maid narrated their ordeals.

The story was that thier vehicle was attacked by Masked Gunmen. A bullet hit Funke Fasoranti according to drivers testimony

Their vehicle had been shot at, causing for the vehicle to hit the culvets and sulmersult. The maid and driver were said to have taken to their hills after crawling out the vehicle but Funke had already been hit by a bullet.

What is most irritating in all of this is what discuss has hit the front burners.

From politicising the killing, to tribalising the killers.

One part has said she was killed by Fulani Herdsmen/Bandits, while others have said she was Assasinated and her murder could have been politically motivated

Whatever the case is, the Nigerian Police owes the Nation to bring the papetrators of this evil to justice and this is the common ground most of those that have physically gone to offer their condolence to Pa Fasoranti seem to agree on.

From President Muhammadu Buhari, to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Kayode Fayemi and even ordinary nigerians do agree that the perpetrators must be brought to book.

May her gentle soul rest in peace