Facts of the Matter about the Abuja - Kaduna Train Break-down

By OMA | 28-11-2019 | Politics |  

Machines would always be machines

Kada train.jpeg

That the Train took off from Idu Station in Abuja and was Heading to Kaduna.

That it had travelled to almost just about 1,000 meters close to the Rigasa Station In Kaduna.

That, at about this distance to the Rigasa Station in kaduna, the Train had developed a fault and stopped.

That Passengers had to disembark the Train and trekked a single kilometer (1,000meter).

That there was no issue whatsoever as the passengers were escorted with Both the Policemen aboard the Train and the ones drafted to the Rigasa station.

That the passengers didnt go through any form of distress and found their ways from Rigasa Station in Kaduna to their various destinations..

Guess what, Social Media Hate speech experts started to report the train broke down 1,000 Kilo meters to Kaduna.. :D :D :D

People that dont know that Even from Lagos to Abuja is not upto 1,000 Kilometers sef, not to talk anywhere from Abuja to Kaduna which can never exceed 200 kilometers..

People that wants to spread falsehood of the Train services first of all should know these trains are mechanical machines and can develope faults once in a while as this is the very first of such incidence ever recorded, so could be pardonable.

But every effort to discredit train services provided by this Buhari's Administration would fail woefully as passengers along this Abuja - Kaduna route had always testified of excellent Train rides and a one off event as this can never tamper with the reputation of the over all process.

Train Rides from Abuja to Kaduna are still the safest and fastest ways to commute between these two cities you would want to forget wailers testimonies.

OMA Public Affairs Commentator.