Escalating Iran and American Tension in 2020 Already

By OMA | 08-01-2020 | Politics |  

2020 would be the fastest year in human history


Times are real vast. Time waits for no one as the saying goes. who would believe its already the 8th day of January in year 2020.

2020 is fast zooming by and a lot is already said to have happened enough for a whole calender year.

in just less than 8 days into the new year 2020, US President Donald Trump ordered Hell-fire Missle Strike from an American Base is Qatar to destroy Iranian Army General Qassmi Soliemani on his way from Baghdad Airport.

Protest in Iran greeted this development and during the Burial of the late Iranian Army General,, more deaths were recorded.

There has been a 4.9 magnitude earthquake close to a nuclear site in Iran.

a Boeing Passenger Plane carrying 176 passengers aboard had crash almost after take off from Tehran Airport in Iran.

the iranian Authorities have categorically stated the black box of the boeing jet was not going to be handed over back to the American Boeing company that manufactured the jet to read from the black box immediate and remote causes of the plane crash that left everybody on board dead..

Iran Has Fired several Missiles from Iran into Iraq to disrupt anywhere that 8s of interest to America. Specifically, American Personnel Bases in Iraq.

iran wants American forces out of Iraq.

Social media is awash with speculations of World war 3 and assigning possible Allies to Iran and America respectively.

Donald Trump has vowed to hit Iran Fast and Hard, should Iran escalate the growing Tension.

Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi are on the Edge. Turkey, Isreal and Russia are on the sides.

protest by shite muslims in Nigeria. people killing, people dieing, 2020 rolling and we know not where it goes.

2020 would be one of the fastes years in human history and Iran is taking the lead already just 8 days and counting. 

Lets give peace a chance.