#EndSARS can Metamorphose into a Revolution

By OMA | 10-10-2020 | Politics |  

SARS Must be stopped.

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In any little way you can, even if it is with just a tweet on twitter or a post on facebook, please join and suppourt the Movement to #EndSARS

This Movements might just be the beginning of the long over due Revolution we have been clamouring for in this country...

Nigeria does not need "Restructuring". Nigeria needs a Revolution.

Papa Adeboye called for "Restructuring" just cos he is a clergy man and must not be seen as promoting a Revolution.

Truth is, they say Desperate Situations deserves Desperate Measures.

"Restructuring" Nigeria is just kicking the can down the road and post-ponning the evil days..

Nigeria does not need to be Restructured. Nigeria needs a drastic Revolution..

A Revolution that possibly would break up the country into its constituent elements.

Nigeria can Never truly practice True Federalism while we speak different languages.

Americans only speak English. China only speaks Chinese.

It is only in Nigeria we speak over 250 languages with Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba as Majors.

EndSARS might just be the beginning to the end of our problems as a Nation.

Note ; if you must protest on the streets, keep a safe distance from anybody holding guns..

Its Simple. Dead men dont tell tales.

Stay Alive but #EndSARS

It is high time the youths took their own destiny into their own hands.

Lets #EndSARS