El-Rufai Kneels, Aisha Buhari begs Kogi Indigenes to Forgive Yahaya Bello

By OMA | 15-11-2019 | Politics |  

Kogi State Election heats up


Trending on Twitter about Nigeria Rightnow are two Political Heavy weights in this Muhammadu Buhari's dispensation.

First is Aisha Buhari, First lady, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The jist is that, following rounding up to campaigns for the forth coming Kogi Elections, The Ruling APC Party in trying to suppourt Governor Yahaya Bello for a Second term in Office had asked Governor Of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai to be Chairman for Yahaya Bello re-election.

Aisha Buhari is now trending to have begged the People of Kogi State to forgive Governor Yahaya Bello for Unpaid Salaries to Indigenes of Kogi State.

El-Rufai was seen kneeling to plead with the people of Kogi State to Forgive Yahaya Bello and Vote Him back to Office for a second term.

This actions has generated wide spread condemnation from most of the twitter community on social media generating so much backlash.

Generalisation to most trending online opinion was centred around how people could forgive a governor for owing salaries believing there were no justification whatsoever.

As Kogi States Elections Heats up and preparations gears to final stages, it is left to the electorate what these actions would amount to from the votes to be casted in the Elections.

Would El-Rufai's Actions and Aisha Buhari's plea be enough to Swing voters to vote Governor Yahaya Bello or would PDP emerge Victorious in Wada,

Only INEC Decides this come after the Elections.

We wish Kogi State a Successful Elections in determining who leads them for the Next 4 years.