DSP Ekweremadu Might be on his way to APC.

By OMA | 27-05-2019 | Politics |  

Politics of Interest


I would seek to start this piece with two age long traditional saying and then take time to dissect them one after the other.


Politics is a game of Interest. Like the saying goes, In Politics there are no permanent friends nor permanent foes but permanent Interest and All politics is local.


A picture they say speaks more than a thousand words. As you pose for picture na so you go carry show.

From the picture attached, Deputy Senate president Ekweremadu seemed to be very at ease and felt so at home.

Of course Senator Ita Enag is Presidential adviser to the National Assembly and has been around the corridors of power for a long time now, he sure would know how to smoothen out rough edges especially politically.

If truthfully politics is only about permanent interest, Then there is reason to question where the DSP's interest would fall going further after inauguration.

First lets flash our minds back few months before the general elections.. How did PDP treat DSP Ekweremadu.

In the build up to the General Elections when PDP choose Peter Obi as Atiku's running mate, There were speculations that the camp of the DSP had complained about improper consultations and hence the choice of Peter Obi didn't sit well with Ekweremadu.

To further add salt to Injury PDP lost the Presidential elections, Worse still Ekweremadu's Boss, Bukola Saraki wont be coming back courtesy of the "O to gee" movement from the people of his home Kwara state.

These are the permutations, such a high calibre Senator as DSP Ekweremadu just can not be relegated to the floor as an ordinary member to warm seats for New senators.

DSP Ekweremadu being a seasoned politician knows his onus and sure can play his cards when he has to and keep them to his chest when he has to.

The writtings on the wall might suggest the DSP hobnobbing and prolificing with the idea of cross carpeting to the Ruling All Progressive Congress. After all, who no like better thing.

Would you rather have him left in the cold without Saraki? Or would he cut a deal and switch allegience?

After all, All Politics are local.

Ekweremadu might just be on his way to APC..

Only time would tell.