Donald Trump Faces Impeachment Scare

By OMA | 19-12-2019 | Politics |  

House of Representatives triggered the article for impeachment already. . Senate to Decide Trumps fate


Following the long drawn tussle between the American President and the House of Representatives Democrats, Majority Democrats in the American Congress seems to have had their way with Impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump.

This makes Donald Trump 3rd ever American President to be impeached in the History of the US.

Nancy Pelosi had carried on with the proceedings when at first a whistle blower in the white House claimed to have over-heard Donald Trump making inappropriate demands from Ukraine Presisent to investigate Joe Biden and his son being criteria for which America was going to release aid package originally approved by Congress for Ukraine.

This move makes President Trump the third ever president in the History of the United States of America to be impeached.

Donald Trump had in a tweet revealed he was going to be impeached by the left and the "Do-Nothing Democrats" asking them to read the transcript of his phone conversation claiming that he had done nothing wrong.

The House of Representatives passed both articles of impeachment bothering on Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Majority of the House, voted to impeach President Trump.

Below is outcome of the votes.

Article 1 of the resolution

Democrats 228

Republicans 195

Article 11 of the resolution

Democrats 229

Republicans 198

The rest of the impeachment proceedings is up to the American Senate, with The House of Representatives haven completed their move.

God bless America.