Disaster Managment Requires more than a Woman.

By OMA | 30-03-2020 | Politics |  

There is fire on the Mountain and there are nowhere to run to

Hajia Sadiya.jpeg

To manage displaced people as a result of internal strifes and aggitations and fights for resource control is no mere Task...

Handling Disaster Requires that men must be manned in the front line 24/7.

President Buhari possibly might have Requested Retired General T Y Danjuma to Over see affairs of the newly created Ministry of Humanitarian affairs, Disaster Managment and Social development and possibly could have been turned down.

That TY Danjuma declined taking such huge responsibility for whatsoever reason only suggested that the other possible option or closest alternative should still have been A General at the least, serving or Retired General.

Humanitarian affairs bares such magnitude in handling.

Disaster Managment is no mere job.

To bring about Social development from a disadvantaged position of the Boko Haram crisis in the North East would be the most cumbersome task I would think any Cabinet Minister would like to undertake.

Now you jam up 3 portfolios of Managing Disaster, Handling Humanitarian Affairs and still bring about Social Development and hand them to one Gentle Hajia to handle them, same way Fashola was over burdened with 3 portfolios before he was later reliefed of Ministry of power..

Maybe at the time she was made a minister, Nigeria did not envisiage a disaster of this quantum magnitude the dreaded Corona virus keeps ravaging and causing havoc world all over.

Add all of that to the global Pandemic caused by the Corona Virus gradualling hitting Nigeria..

The possible suggestion is that Hajia Sadiya would be overwhelmed by all of the Disasters springing up in our country by the day..

It would be wise at this point should President Buhari Replace Hajia Sadiya with a Front Line Combat ready Army General as they say desperate times requires desperate measures..

The Duty of Fighting Corona virus Standstill under Disaster Managment should not be Entrusted or left to a woman to handle not to talk a soft spoken and easy going Hajia.

We must Man up and take the bull by the horn and fight to finish.