Dino Melaye; I "Kere wa wa" Better than Yahaya Bello

By OMA | 11-11-2019 | Politics |  

Insensitivity and nothing to offer.


How on Earth did we descend this low. Who did this to Nigeria our dear country.

In the absense of the usual rethorics called Campaign promises our politicians has taken to frivolities during Campaigns.

Dino Melaye has used his sexual prowess as one of the topical issues for his re-run elections scheduled to hold 16th November 2019.

Being the Candidate for the People's Democratic Party (PDP) In the Kogi West Senatorial district rerun elections against Smart Adeyemi of the APC.

You will not believe what Dino was caught on record saying during one of his campaign outing.

Recall that not too long ago, the appeal court had sacked the PDP Lawmaker and ordered a new election in the senatorial district.

He was at a rally and expected were the usual political campaign rethorics but to the amazment and amusement of political on-lookers, Dino went on and on and on, why he was better than Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello..

While addressing a crowd that turned out to the campaign venue, Dino said he was better than the Governor in a lot of ways.

"I am more Handsome, Taller, Educated, and if it is 'kere wa wa', I can do better than him.

"I want to assure you of the kind of development you have not seen before, Salary payment is compulsory, paramount, mandatory and a Must," Dino was quoted.

"You all know Yahaya Bello, there is nothing I dont have more than him. Number one, I am Taller than Him, Number two, I am more Handsome than him, Number three, I am more educated than him and if it is "kere wa wa" I can do better than him.

'Kere wa wa' is a vanacular way of refering to sex and this were talks heard from mouth of a one time senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria at a campaign venue.

Let the Electorates be the judge 16th November of it is his sexual prowess that would deliver dividends of this hard earned democracy.