Did Tinubu Deal Obasanjo a Soccer-Punch

22-06-2019 | Politics |  

Tinubu Slams Obasanjo. If this is true then its deep

Mko tinz-500x710.jpg

If Tinubu Truly said this to Obasanjo then it is a Complete Knock-Out..

The type Knock out that fat boy gave Anthony Joshua. Whats the Name of That guy that Beat Anthony Joshua Blue-Black... somebody please remind me again please.

Tinubu gave Obasanjo a Final Knock Out Jesus Christ I cant believe it.

Tinubu Bombs Obasanjo, Finally!!!

"Greatness is not in Aso Rock but PMB took greatness there. You weren't great becauseq you are President, you're President because you're great. Just like Awo, Zik, Ahmadu Bello, Aminu Kano, Uncle Bola Ige, Mko, they were great without being President. OBASANJO had been President three times, yet, he is still in desperate search for greatness...."

"He didn't write Buhari until Buhari honored MKO and June 12. He saw that as wickedness to his person. He said to himself "How can another man from the SW be greater than me?"...but the truth is even in death AWOLOWO and ABIOLA are by far greater than OBASANJO even if he lives for the next one thousand years...."

"OBASANJO has no conscience. He is the only President that disobeyed the Judgement of the SUPREME COURT on LAGOS Allocation. But today, he said he's fighting for the judiciary. What is he smoking???"


This was properly Articulated. Atikulates too can Digest this.