Defectors and Politics of no Ideaology.

By OMA | 08-08-2018 | Politics |  

I never heard of a Republican forsake his Tea-Party to go join Democrats nor have Democrats jump ship to Republican

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There's that Yoruba adage that says "Igi da, Eyeh fo....

igi da, eyeh fo is what I would like to explain in literary context.

igi da, eyeh fo is literarily having a branch fall off a tree and immediately the Bird that was hitherto taking shelter from the tree's branch gets to fly away almost immediately the branch falls of the tree.

so it means the Liability is on the Tree 100% and 0% on the Bird.

what kind of relationship is that? Highly parasitic.

All these defectors from APC to the PDP and PDP defectors to APC are nothing but political parasites. Political saboteurs, Brigands of power, Birds that have nothing at stake when the branch falls off the Tree.

lets face it. PDP has core Founding fathers, fathers that founded the party and have stayed true to the party, PDP has people that has the interest of the party at heart, PDP has politicians that had stayed true to them thru thick and Thin.

PDP has people that must have their profound interest protected.

forget the gimmick of Obasanjo tearing his PDP card in public, it was just a stunt to pull down Goodluck, Obasanjo still has keen interest that must be protected in PDP, He has his boys implanted in the all of PDP same as Babangida.

then you talk of people like Atiku whom had left and came back.. Defector.. Someone Obasanjo can never and would never forgive. Atiku and Obadanjo's story is for another day.

then you have the Likes of Sule Lamido.. the man I love so much, in the last 2 month I have been to Jigawa state and OMG, the state is a wonder and the people attested to how Sule Lamido had built almost all the roads within the state and had used his influence to negotiate federal government interventions on Federal Roads that passed the state..

in some other article I would write to you on how the cordial relationship between farmers and herdsmen can be sustained using Jigawa state as a case study..

Sule Lamido is an Amazing wonder I must confess, I love him so much but not half as much as I love Baba Buhari.

PDP still has Makarfi and a host of others.

All these interest in the PDP must be protected before the likes of Tambuwal and Saraki and Dogara and Ekweremadu can even start to negotiate any deal whatsoever.

the APC. Check wikipedia. APC was built from union between CPC and ACN. Buhari has never jumped ship in his political career, he had only built mammoth and loyal followership in Northern Nigeria. Buhari single handedly had pulled tremendous votes in CPC in 2011 Elections. Buhari has been properly groomed in the Army, paid his dues and had stayed true waiting and bidding his time for the glory to prevail. Buhari has been consistent and Persistent. Buhari brought a lot to the Negotiating table when CPC and ACN united.

so also Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I mean.. look at lagos and see Progressiveness in the last 20 years, it is the handy work of Asiwaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It is in public domain Tinubu groomed Aregbesola of Osun State. Tinubu groomed Fowler of the Federal Inland Revenue, Tinubu mentored Babatunde Raji Fashola same as vice President Osibanjo..

this Tinubu we talk about must be extra ordinary in some way or the other.

now imagine a brand like Tinubi and Buhari coming together. . It is like GTBank and Zenith Bank Merging while PDP is like the old defunct Savannah Bank that collapsed with investors capital..

lets face it, this time is Buhari's time. He won Goodluck with less than 3 million votes, this 2019, write it down anywhere and quote me, Buhari would lead his opponent with double that 3 million.

There would be a 6 million gulf between 1st and 2nd. It is a banker you can bet on.

Seriously, PDP is dead ooo, and all these defections would only succeed In ruffling more feathers and doing more harm than good to the umbrella.

Buhari and Tinubi are like Messi and Ronaldo playing for the same team.

wikipedia never mentioned any nPDP in the Formation of APC.

Back to my "igi-da eyeh-fo" story.

you see this is where I am driving at, Saraki and Tambuwal and Kwankwaso and the most recent defectors are just loafing around the blocks and on the slightest stress they relocate.

it doesnt cost Saraki anything to Be PDP today, nPDP tomorrow, Then APC then ReformedAPC rAPC then now Back to PDP.

in other words. .

PDP then nPDP then APC then R-APC Then PDP.

beat that. . What a rollercoaster ride.

Buhari dares not try that, He has a brand to protect, he has an image to protect, he has his followers he has to account to, same as Tinubu.

Things that are convinient for those birds perching and tweeting on the blocks are not convinient with real owners of the block.

of course when you are not the owner of the block and stand to lose nothing when the music is going south it is very easy and convinient to change base and leave the liability to the real owners..

lets assume Saraki and Co left PDP and that made Goodluck lose the Election with slim margin, does he think he is meeting PDP with that margin again to help them upturn Buhari? Certainly not. The dynamics have changed. The odds are stacked against them.

if I were Uche Secondus PDP chairman. I would organise what would seem like a public acceptance and welcoming of the defectors that worked against PDP in 2015. .

publicly I would reject them entry back into the PDP so as to sink their collective political destiny.

That way, Nigerians might even take PDP more seriously. ...

but what do we have, Shameless Politicians defecting all over the place because they cant stand intrigues and power play. The kitchen is getting so hot they had to run out.

They have to seek another nearest available tree to pearch on its branch, and immediately this new branch shows they slightest strain wanting to fall, away they go again.

igi-da, eyeh fo politicians can never be trusted as they have questionable loyalty..

haven talked on defectors and portrayed it in some bad light. I would seek to explain the abruptly bad defectors and the real smart defectors.

Politics is like a game of chess. Students of politics would agree its all about interest.

While Saraki's defection was a forced move in error, Goodswill Akpabio's move was a well calculated tactical maneuver.

While it was easy for Saraki to swim back to the PDP, it was rather strategic and tactical of Akpabio to swim against the tide.

this is the calculation. Goodswill Akpabio might have negotiated and landed himself a superb deal.

knowing also that one man's loss is another man's gain, Saraki's loss might be Akpabio's gain in this instance.

lets face it. Saraki doesnt even control the entire PDP architecture of the whole Kwara state.

Bukola Saraki is different from Olusola Saraki.

we have heard Gbemisola Saraki come openly to pledge loyalty and support to Buhari. We have Lai Muhammed on ground in Kwara.

lets even assume Saraki holds Kwara.. thats all and nothing more.

with Oshiomole, APC Has Edo, with Akpabio, APC can clinch Akwa-Ibom and probably Delta.

leaving Bayelsa and porthacourt to PDP.

the South east I can not really tell, but mark my words, Buhari would get more votes this time from the South east than he got 2015.

some of these our igbo brothers are begining to see the light for themselves. PDP is no good.

You cant be a PDP state and have an APC FG.

check states with APC state and APC FG. Jigawa state. Buhari And Badaru in unified front. Ogun state. Buhari and Amosun in unified front.

thank Goodness the APC finally wrestled power from PDP in Ekiti state meaning the entire South West is completly locked down APC.

lets forget about the North. Kwankwaso is only kidding. Kwankwaso can never defeat Buhari in Kano.

Buhari can Never be defeated in Sokoto, No matter how many times Tambuwal defects, worst case the votes would split.

Katsina locked down for Buhari. Zamfara locked down for Buhari. Kebbi Locked down for Buhari. Jigawa Locked down for Buhari. Yobe.. Maiduguri, Adamawa. Buhari must have lion share in their votes from the North east however bad it might be.

Nassarawa, Benue, Taraba, Jos, Kaduna.. Buhari might not capture all of the votes in this middle but would certainly amass a large chunk.

In conclusion, pay no heed to these Igi-da eyeh fo Politicians. They are no good.

Baba Buhari for Mankind.