Crowd Buhari Pulled in Bauchi today was Amazing.

By OMA | 13-01-2019 | Politics |  

Terrifying Crowd. Electrifying Crowd.


The Crowd was unprecedented. You would have mistaken the crowd for Calabar Canival or some Crusade or just name it.

The Turn out was Massive. Wheeeew!..

Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on News Media Bashir Ahmad reported he had Goose pimples all over his body.

One Social Media user through his facebook account jokingly posted "Please dont show Atiku Pictures of the crowd that turned out to welcome Buhari in Bauchi Today, He would just faint"...

Its no News no more President Muhammadu Buhari was in Bauchi State today North-East Nigeria where ordinarily you would have thought was an Atiku Abubakar stronghold.

Believe you me, the roaring crowd said otherwise. Bauchi was locked down for Buhari.

Not just from the crowd turn out but also the timber and calibre of Men that matter defecting from the opposition PDP to the Ruling party APC.

Grand reception is under statement of what happened in Bauchi today as President Muhammadu Buhari and His APC party Executives welcomed these defectors back to the APC fold..

In total, 18 Defectors were welcomed back from PDP to APC.

They include 2 former Governors of Bauchi State. Adamu Muazu and Isa yuguda.

Adamu Muazu was one time in most recent past National chairman of the PDP and Self Acclaimed "Mr Game Changer".

The list of defectors also includes former Deputy Governor Abdulmalik Mahmud and former PDP chieftain Garba Gamawa Babayo.

In an Emotion ladden voice President Buhari admonished the good people of Bauchi to vote for him and also thanked them for standing with him all his political career.

"Since my political career, Bauchi state has always stood with me by voting massively for me at every turn of my political endeavor. I thank you very much for the support and plead with you to support me again.

The APC national Chairman Adams Oshiomole took turn to welcome the defectors and speaking on behalf of the defectors was Isa yuguda.

" We are happy to join the APC Party after seeing all the progress the party has recorded in the last 3 and half years. We will mobilise massively for the President and the Governor of our state.

Stay tuned here to as more pre-election intrigues would certainly unfold here.

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