Cristiano Ronaldo ; 2018 Rape Allegation was Worst Year of my Life

By OMA | 22-08-2019 | Politics |  



Our Super star One of the Worlds Greatest Ever Footballer Alive and in some quota arguebaly the GOAT Has revealed that rape allegation made against him in year 2018, made that year the worst ever year of his life.

Anything bothering on people questioning your Honout Hurts real badly as he made this known on Portuguese TV TVI "2018 was probably my worst year ever, personally speaking."

He added : "When people question your honour, it hurts, it hurts alot

Recall Ronaldo was accused of Raping a woman in Las Vagas more than 10 years ago but was not to face any criminal charge after investigaions failed to prove beyond reasonable doubts he was involved in any rape issues.

Ronaldo said je was also thankful amd proud "once again" that his innocence has been proven.