Cost to Economy Vs Cost of Human Life

By OMA | 06-05-2020 | Politics |  

Corona Virus Pandemic. Continue Lock down or Discontinue it.

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Cost to the Economy


Cost of Human life.

Reopening the Economy would only define the premium we place on Human life.

We as a people must determine the value of life and what life means to us..

I prefer to be hungry and alive than to go out to look for money and possibly contact Corona Virus that the money I make possibly can not cure.

Money cant buy life.

Life is Priceless..

People insisting on opening the Economy up by lifting of the Lock-down ban to allow more people contact Corona Virus knows no better and cant see beyond their nose. Its like selling your birthright for a pot of pottage, only that this time the consequences are grave..

4 million people world wide and growing is no small feet. The Virus is raging, there shouldn't be haste to reopen the economy as to efforts to curb and curtail the virus once and for all..

Opening the Economy is like saying the Corona Virus is our New "Normal".

People are dying.. the piority should be to curb these preventable deaths rather than reopening the economy and possibly add more deaths from possibility that abound from risk of high community contagion owing to the quick reopening of the economy....

Stay Home Please and Stay Safe.