Corona Virus. China Must be Held Liable.

By OMA | 12-04-2020 | Politics |  

China must be held accountable

Corona V.jpeg

China would give the world Hell and the world would give China a Path on the Back for Distorting world Peace.

Donald Trump Must Rain Fire and Fury on China Now.

Most Decisively, Donald Trump now Must show he is not a Puppet to Russia..

If Truly Donald Trump is All about MAGA Making America Great Again, these truly are the worst of times for Americans, if Donald Trump is all About Making America Great again, these are real despirate times that calls for real Despirate and Desicive Measures.

Donald Trump Must Pull the plugs from China with Massive International Trade sanctions. Donald Trump must pull jobs out from China and bring them back to America and bare the cost. Donald Trump must cut their wings and clip it cos if you let the Chinese, they are dare devils. Donald Trump now must desicively stand his grounds once and for all..

America and the Rest of the world must cut China to size. Trim China Properly cos those Chinese are too prevalent, they are too pressing, they are over bearing, those Chinese already mastered the art to Dine with the Devil, thats why they eat bats and rats.

If there is any such time the American President is to make such calls, the right time is Yesterday and the next best time is Now...

America has now been declared Worst Hit Country in the World by the Pandemic. The World is watching how America would React.

Donald Trump must deal China a Taste of their own Bitter Pill.

America and the Rest of the world must respond to sanction China against this dreaded Corona Virus Pandemic.