China has Infested and Infected the World with Corona Virus. The World MUST React.

By OMA | 12-04-2020 | Politics |  

China must be held accountable

Corona V.jpeg

Now it is Crystal clear that even Blind eyes can see that China Just wants to Wreck the Global Economy, Weaken America and American Allies as London, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Take Over World Power From America and Become Number 1 and then Recolonise the World.

China would Wreck the World, Turn it to Scrap and Buy ot for cheap..

China would not be World Police like America but China would be worse, China would Own the World.

China would be the Owner of the World.

If China is not Stopped, China would pocket the World..

China would sell the World to Satan and collect change. Chinese are that mean.

Plus Corona Virus, Plus 5g Network and Huwie, Everything is China.

China has successfully distorted global equilibrium and Global Peace.

It is not going to be easy and would seem an Herculean task for China but atleast China has shown she can fight the world without shooting one single Bullet from the barrel of a gun of firing any long range ballistic missle nor out rightly sending Troops for direct confrontational Combat.

China is right on course of winning World War 3 without sweating about it.

The Chinese Corona Virus is truly Novel and Dreaded. The Chinese Virus is the Beast.

Recent visual reports were circulating the internet lately where Chinese were being Crude to People of black descent from African, majorly Nigerians residing in China and being accused of all sorts.

Nigeria on the other hand is accomodating and friendly with Hosting the Chinese doctors.

Nigerians are not Hostile to Chinese people in Nigeria.

China Trades large volume of trade with Nigeria. China does a lot of business and Makes loads of Money from Nigeria.

China has over and again proven themselves to be Racist to blacks and real Hostile.

China is the one that eats raw bats and lizards.

Chinese people are the real Nasty people, they should not in turn come around to accuse Africans of bringing the virus to their country..

China has infected the world.

The world must stand firm and resolute to ask china to answer..

Even tho im no fan of Donald Trump, Whatever Punitive Measure the American Government and the United Nations would met out to China would be widely supported.

China Must not be allowed to get away with this.

China must be brought to book and made to answer for her crime against Humanity, mass murder on global scale..

The World court, the Hague, International Communities, United Nations, European Union, African Union Must Unite to Fight China.

China might possibly have a pact with Russia, but Russia at the juncture too is inconsequential.

The whole world must Unite against China. Those Chincos irritates me like shit.

If Chincos continue being Hostile to Nigerians in China, Nigerians would have no other choice but be forced to start dealing with Chincos in Nigeria.

The Next Chinco wey I see fit possibly chop slap for my hand dan ubansu.