Cattle Colony, Herdsmen Killings and Stack Realities.

By OMA | 22-01-2018 | Politics |  

Farmers and Herdsmen all needs Natures resource


Issues bothering on Cattle colony and Herdsmen killings has dominated both local and international media headlines.

This article is geared at having us take a wholistic view of the stack realities facing us as a Nation.

whenever this present APC led administration shifts blames to past government it all sounds like rethorics but truth be told, successive government has failed the nation in their duties of planning ahead especially the PDP in their last 16 years rule.

The PDP had failed in tackling dessertification and re calming our lands from the ever encrouching deserts.

Facts today suggest 11 states in the core north are being encrouched upon by desert, Sahara Desert pricisely.

issues of Global warming, climate change and ever depleting ozone layer has left room for contineous and unabated springing of the desert in core Northern Nigeria.

the attendant effects are that Natures resources are bound to ger scarce in terms of Water availability and Green vegetaion.

The Lake chad is reported to be drying up and we arent even half way into the dry season yet.

with limited access to Green and water, herdsmen are left with no choice but to seek greener pastures for themselves and their cattles alike and the only way this can be made possible is to have them Migrate Southwards.

Migrating fro the North In search for water and greener pastures, The region around the River Benue seems most condusive and 1st point of call for herders.

These herdsmen and their cattle aren't migrating south for the fun of it but as a result of life threatning drought and desertification ravaging 11 states in the North.

in this regards, clashes between herdsmen and farmers has been inevitable. This to me suggested the idea that brought about cattle colony which should be at the instance and acceptance of the host communities.

I am not in support of the killings by herdsmen in Benue state but people should begin to see that these herdsmen themselves are staring starvation and hunger in the face for themselves and their cattles. It is either they kill any obstruction or hinderance (farmers) to survive or they get killed by Dessertification.

Had previous government tackled this issue of desertification heads-on, there would have been no need for herdsmen to migrate from the North down south.

way forward.

for peaceful and mutual coexistence, Indigenous Benue farmers should be a little bit more accomodating to Herders whom only want a share of Natures resource of water at the River Benue environs.

first and foremost. The anti open grazing law should be suspended for normadic herders to be able to graze their cattles.

secondly and for peace, the colony should be bounded by territory where should be properly mapped out as colonies caved for herders that must be strictly adhered to..

Thirdly, we all need agricultural produce from farmers and herders alike, no party should be looked down upon by either party as farmers and herders play a very important role to the economy of the Nation as a whole.

I write this with knowledge of effects of desertification In the far north as I was in Katsina state only last week. travelling from Katsina to the border town of Jibia, you could drive unending landmass over 40 kilometers with the attendant effect of desertification visible to the naked eyes.

coming from Katsina navigating through Malumfashi heading towards Funtua at areas around Jikamshi, you would see water channels experiencing drought so badly and you can tell water had not flown through that path in a very long while. These are areas where cattles naturally should have gotten water to drink that are no more and hence a cogent reason for herdsmen to migrate.

with all the above, Benue indigenes shouldnt see their land as being taken from them but rather see the herders too as looking for a means of survival.

on the part of the herders, it shouldnt come with violence and forcefulness but what do you expect of a Nomadic herder?

on both sides of the divide, if peace must reign. There must be a strategy mapped out for mutual coexistence in peace.