Burna Boy Claims Igbo People dont love Him.

By OMA | 15-07-2019 | Politics |  

Questioning Source of "Unity" from our Diversities.

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It is no more news that Burna Boy has been registering his displeasure to amount of Love he gets from the South-East Section of the entity called Nigeria claiming Igbo People dont show him enough Love.

Burna Boy is in the News to have Claimed Igbo Boys dont Love Him.

Nigeria. Niger-Area. Different People all living at different sections of the River Niger.

River Niger vis a vis River Benue is the main reason why there is so much unrest between Farmers and Herdsmen.

Internal rift for Resource Control. To Control the lands. The Areas around the River Niger and River Benue are the Flash Points.

Lets Face it, South-South of Nigeria Fought for Resource Control When Goodluck was President. They are the owner of their Resource and hence they Most Control it.

Now Fulani's are asking for the Highest Landmass in Nigeria. Land is a Very Presious Resource Just Like Oil and Gold.

These people have their differences and diversities. They have their Various unique Cultures and Tribes.

Traditions Vary across the length and breath of these same people living at different angles to the River-Niger...

Niger-Area, River-Niger. .. River-Niger is the only Thing every Section of people living around the Niger-Area has in Common.

Asides from the Niger that is Unique, Every other thing is Diverse, but the British Man, Daniska, Nothing concern am, all he wanted as evidence of Conquest of Africa was a Large Giant Land Mass. Hence Nigeria, Giant Of Africa.

Algeria is the Country in terms of Largest Land Mass in Africa, But check their Population and ratio it in terms of land mass.

Nigeria is the Most Populous Black Nation on planet Earth but Check their Population is ratio to their land mass and see the difference.

The River Niger is Apparently the Reason of clustering of Different People Around the Niger..

Lets not forget Water is a God Given Natural Resource.

From History of Humanity, Resource Control is an Unending Ever Raging Battle.

Let that be topic to dissect another day, but here is the tricky thing to the three Major Tribes of the Different People living around the Niger-Area..

The Hausa's are to Choose Between Yoruba's and Igbo', Hausa's would choose Yorubas for so many Obvious Reasons.

If Youruba's Were to Choose Between Igbo's and Hausa's, Yoruba's would certainly choose Hausa's.

If the Igbo's were to choose between Hausa's and Yoruba's, they would certainly pick the Hausa's.

From the 3 scenarios, The Hausa/Fulanis are the favourite choice of disgruntled Igbos and Yorubas who would forever hold grudges against themselves steming from Mutual distrust between the Igbos and Yorubas.

Some sort of United North and Divided South feeling.

If Burna boy Claims he doesnt get Love from Igbo People, He is an Artist, he knows what he is talking.

These are Societal Questions Begging Answers.

All these our Institutes of Strategies and Institutes of Policies must look deep into our Structure and very essence of Existence as a Nation.

What is even more worrisome is the Ecowas Union wanting to sign a pact on spending Single Currencies further deepining the already fragile Unification in the Ecowas Sub Region.

I Assure You, If Nigeria has not finished sorting out her issues, Spending a single currency woth Ecowas Region will only spell more doom.

If Ecowas Starts to Spend a single Currency, There would be multiple Problems.

Cultural Problems like the Ones Nigeria Giant of Africa has not finished Solving.

Ecowas Spending Same currency would create Same Problem the Euro-Zone is facing.

Burna Boy Coming to express his displeasure about his acceptance amongst the Igbo race would be one such too many cries that would stem from further integrating West African States to Spending a Single currency.

We are a Different People and we must Respect and appreciate and aknowledge our diversities. We cant be one People.

Unity from Diversity is a lie that has stood for too long.

Someday, we would realise, We can NEVER be United in Diversity.