Bukola Saraki and His Many Ordeals.

By OMA | 25-07-2018 | Politics |  

Cat with 9 lives.

Bukola Saraki

News that made the rounds the most today that even got twitter buzzing was News about the ordeals and travails of the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Bukola Saraki.

Like as if his ordeal from his recent supreme court victory was not enough

Different versions, different twists and different turns.

Some quota had it that it was Police attached to his convoy that laid seige on his residence to play a script allowing saraki escape in a rickety car he drove himself in to the Chambers of the Senate to oversee what is a large scale defection from the ruling party and return the PDP to Majority in the House.

Meaning to say Saraki orchestrated and masterminded everything, atleast that was the version of the Force PRO Nigerian Police.

Other sources had it that Police truly held his Convoy in the early hours of the morning, only that the senate President was not in his usual vehicles that conveys him to the senate everyday.

That the Senate president drove himself in a rickety vehicle to disguise till he drove to the senate..

The Spokes man to the President had spoken extensively on how the presidency sees the Defection as one of the many colors of true Democracy.

We also have heard of some senators whose name were allegedly on the list of 14 decampee senators come out to either claim otherwise of correct some notions.

Twitter was reported to have had this issue trend all day..

Words on the street is that if there is a hands full of Majority votes in the senate the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari might be set to face Impeachment.

Political onlookers jest about it just being a Political Chess game Aligning local politics with the fast approaching general elections in Febuary Next year barely 7 Months away..

Ekwremadu Being Deputy to the Senate President also had his Residence in the Apo legislative quaters in Abuja besieged by men to believed to be operatives of the Government forces in the Police, Dss and EFCC.

Some letters later circulated the internet later in the aftermath of all this episode allegedly written today by the Police surmoning Saraki to appear in their Guzape division of the Nigerian Police to answer for a confesional statement that indicted him in the nightmare Offa Bank Robbery that had over 31 people lost their lives and over 21 Ak assault rifles were made away by boys whom later confessed in their Police statement to have had affiliates with Bukola Saraki.

I bet all of this were enough to set twitter ablaze today.