Buhari's Border Closure Techniques

By OMA | 18-10-2019 | Politics |  

Stimulating the Economy for Sustainable Growth.

President Bucho

Closing the Borders of Nigerian Territorial Space Where she shares Boundaries with Some Other States In West Africa to me is by far one of the Greatest Policy Statement Made Under This Muhammadu Buhari's Administration...

Buhari Has grown Confidence of farmers All Over Nigeria and these People are Getting to work by the day

Travelling From Kano through Kaduna to Abuja, Julius berger is working Day and Night on that Road.That is not the gist.

The gist is that at some section of that Road from Kano to Kaduna, You Needed to see quantum quantity of Rice Farmers Milling their Rice Locally and making them look as clean as tho it were imported Rice. It was share Magic to me. It was like wonder on wheels.

Trust me. Immediately the Driver Stopped to Buy Tuwo Chinkafa, I followed suit. I Bought the Edible Grain, Cos they had the extremely white smaller one for Tuwo and the other clean long grain ones for Rice.

That was the little quota I paid to Patronise Made in Nigeria Rice,

Go to Nnewi, Go and check how Coscharis is Bagging Rice, Go to Jigawa, go and See Rice mills. Go to Kano, See Massive Agriculture, fear will catch you.

Nigeria is Strategically Self Sufficient with Rice Turning Ourselves from Highest Importer of Rice to a self-Sustaining and providing to meet demand from local consumption is an Amazing feet.

These sets of farmers in strategic parts of these country are teaming together Accessing Resources from Governments Anchors Borrowers programmes and building themselves into Massive War chests of Armies Fuelling Production and Stimulating the Economy for Growth.

Closing Borders are Tactical Policy Statements Used world over. The Old, Retired Nigerian Army General once Again showed Some of the Tacts he learnt years from Studying Strategy. Baba Buhari is a Clean Breed Seasoned Administrator. The Best of His Type there Would Ever Be. President Buhari has Time and again shown that He is Dedicated to the Service of Nigerian and Building the Country.

Everybody in the World Knows Donald Trumps only Fantasy is to build a Border Wall Between America and Mexico.

One of the core components of The Proposed #Brexit Deal was to have the United Kingdom close it Borders to the rest of Europe in the Euro Zone..

The Closure Of Borders by Buhari's Administration and the Gearing up of the National Identity Management Agency to begin quick and Mandatory Identification of Every Single Individual within the Territorial Confines of Nigeria to me is by far one of the Greatest Highlights I have Seen so far Under this Buhari's Adminiatration.

Even though these decision were not easy to come by, Such are the Price you pay for Structural Reforms.

A lot of Nigerians would never know, not to talk of appreciate some of the Quantum Giant Size legacy Buhari has Laid for the Generation Next.

Our's is to do the bit we can by sometimes saying some of these factual things and getting it to public domain so the public can draw whatever inference they want of it.

The Buhari Administration is a Working Administration and there is no Dispute in that regards. However, His Grades and His Report sheets and effect of his Adminiatration would only Reverberate Years after he is out from Office.

Long after President Buhari is gone, His Name shall survive Time. Such is the Legacy Buhari is Buliding. Sustainable Growth.

To me Personally. Its a Personal Choice, President Buhari is my Hero.