Buhari ; Punch calls him 'Major General', I call him 'Anikulapo'

By OMA | 12-12-2019 | Politics |  

The president seems to be the proverbial cat with nine lives.


I dont care what Anybody or Any group or Any tribe would say.

I personally Confer on Major General Muhammadu Buhari a highly coverted Yoruba Post of "Anikulapo"

Anikulapo is someone that has conquered the caprice of Death.

Infallable. Un-dieable. Undefeatable.

President Buhari is the Proverbial Cat with 9 lives.

They have tried to kill him. He didnt die but waxed back to life stronger and healtheir.

The only known legal way to offset president Buhari is through the Ballot in the Nation Wide Elections.

Buhari won them all in excess of Over 15 million Popular votes.

Nigerians overwhelmingly voted Major General muhammadu Buhari to office.

After they failed woefully at the Elections which is the only known legal means to remove him.

They resorted to cheap blackmail.

That the man in Aso Rock is not Buhari but Jubril from Sudan. Fani-Kayode took part in that foolery.

After the Jubril incident, they brought Islamization Agenda.

They brought Fulanization agenda.

They played the Religious cards. They played the Ethnic cards. They played to Tribal sentiments.

There are not tricks in the book they have not tried.. they all failed.

They brought Nnamdi Kanu. He ran away. They have raised Sowore, DSS is teaching Sowore some home grown truth.

They have failed with Nnamdi kanu and Sowore..

They resorted to blackmail him in the Name of the Judiciary.

The Judiciary matter is raging and they have seem they can not possibly win.

They have Resorted to Media.. "Punch Newspaper".

Is it true Punch collected 10Billion Naira from Dasuki in brown Envelope?.

All their Antics has failed and Buhari is still towering Tall. Standing Strong and Firm as ever.

Now they want to distract him with a Title he worked hard for and earned without jumping one single rank, he rose to become a Major General in the prestigious Institution as the Nigerian Army and Punch thinks by addressing the President as a "Major General" I will renounce my suppourt for the People's president.

Somebody please help me tell Punch Newspaper that I still Stand with "Major General Muhammadu Buhari".

People that lost out in an election, what do you expect? For them to be quiet? No way. They are still very much around and we are used to their wailing.

It is okay for Wailers to Wail cos it is their calling..

But Insha Allah by the Grace of the Almighty God before Major General Muhammadu Buhari exhausts his tenure he will deal with all the Enemies of our dear Country Nigeria.

Nigeria First.

I hope you all can see why I have taken the burden upon myself to confer on the president the Title of "Anikulapo".

By the way Anikulapo is title for only someone that has conquered Death.

Live long President Buhari and put the enemies of Nigeria to shame.


I stand with Major General Muhammadu Buhari the Anti-Corruption czar.

When you fight Corruption, corruption will fight back.

Punch Newspaper is just an example of Corruption fighting back.

Live Long Buhari.

God bless you Baba Go-Slow. Slow and Steady wins the race as Speed is nothing without Direction..

Baba just be going slow slow till 2023. We that are with you far out number those that are against you.

God Bless the "Major General" God Bless Muhammadu Buhari. God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Live long Major General Muhammadu "Anikulapo" Buhari

Destroyer of the PDP. Bringer of #Change Pilot to the #NextLevel.

OMA Public Affairs Analyst.