Buhari is Promise kept.

By OMA | 12-12-2019 | Politics |  

Take the Buhari Challenge

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Lately some many forces been trying to demonise President Buhari and somehow we have managed to see beyond the hoodwink from wailers.

So I have intensified my reasons and effort why #IStandWithBuhari

They have tried to use Nnamdi Kanu to destablise Buhari they failed.

They Brought Sowore. They failed. They latched on to Judiciary and desecration of court when infact it was Sowore that acted drama in court.

They turned to Punch Newspaper and they cooked up the well deserved title of "Major General" for a President that came through popular ballot with over 15million overwhelming majority votes.

So somebody threw a challenge to me and in my characteristic self. I beat my chest and was up for the challenge.

It was simple. A 2015 calender picture of the many Buhari Promises and I showed him Buhari is Promise kept with these points.

Find below my responses to the person that posed me the challenge :

Dont tell me you dont know this administration is Making concious effort in the School feeding program. I will be embarrased if you dont know. The problem is, internet people dont know what is happening at the grassroots. On the internet Goodluck was winning but at the polling booths in the real cities where elections hold, Buhari was leading..

So im not amazed most wailers and online PDP e-rats are not in tune with modern day realities of time.

The school feeding programme is not perfect, there are adjustments here and there that can be carried out to improve the process but that this administration is not feeding children in schools today in Nigeria is blatant lies. Rome was not built in a day..

So I will leave you to your concience on school feeding issues. Do your findings, go to public primary schools in Ogun, Kano, Nassarawa and see if Government is not feeding these children to atleast encourage them to stay in School..

Number 2 challenge in the picture was 1 year paid work and skills training for NYSC.

Are you saying the NYSC is currently not working deligently in this regards, Youth Copers had their allowances even increased in the course of this Adminstration. That is another promise kept.

Number 3 was 4Million New Homes.

I dont have power abeg, Go and ask Babatunde Raji Fashola, he would give you facts and statistics, then you can argue with him, if you can win, Lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, then I give it to you. You can say Babatunde Raji Fashola the excellent former Governor of Lagos has been sleeping on the Job and I forgive you for that. But go and meet the minister, he would open the books for you, and you will know these things are Works in Progress. Again, Rome was not built in a day.

Number 4 was about promoting young famrers.

Why do you think the Nigerian Borders are shut with Padlock and Buhari is holding the keys and refusing to open it. Borders are Shot to Promote "Made in Nigerian" brand.

Go to Aba, Speaker of the Aba House of Assembly has said Border Closure by Buhari is a blessing for "Made in Aba".

Border closure my friend is a blessing to our industry, border closure is a blessing to our local farmers. Rice farmers. Maize, Millet. Buhari wants Nigeria to be self sufficient. To be able to feed herself.

Tomato farmers. Gino tin tomato bcos of the border closure has decided to locate a factory in Kebbi state where they can be manufacturing tin tomato locally.

Border closure is seriously helping our economy. It was a real hard decision for Buhari and Customs DG to take. Let me leave that at that. If you still dont buy it, I can not kee myself.

Number 5 was #500 for family for all year health care. Go to NHIS office.
National Health Insurance office. You dont know how much of Health interventions is currently going on in this country.. Maternal child mortality ratio has been on the decline in most recent times. Check records. Facts dont lie.

Number 6 on the list is #5,000 for oldest and weakest and most vulnurable in the society.

Again, you cant know that from the internet, go to the interior local governments in hearts of hinterland Nigeria.. go to Ekiti, go to Sokoto, go and see if most vulnurable and exposed people are not getting this #5,000 monthly stipend from NSIP office.

You see, this administration embarked on paying #5,000 in the NSIP National Social Investment Program. That section is just an arm of the 4 wings of the programme.

I will show u where the other 3 arms fits in.

7 was to Create 740,000 job for young school leavers, I wont dwell much on this, but I know government through NPower has over 500,000 graduates collecting stipends monthly and Buhari is trying to integrate them into his National Security Guideline strategy he just announced.

The office of the VP did so well with Npower till it was moved to the newly created ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Managment.

Just Imagine, Buhari created a whole Ministry in this regards. The man too can not come and go and kee himself. He his not the origin of Nigeria's problems. The man is trying.

24/7 power supply by 2019, only the blind would say they have not witnessed incredible and remarkable and commendable increase in Nigerian electricity. Buhari is working the Mambila Power project in Taraba. Buhari is working 2ND Niger Bridge in Igbo Land.

Buhari is giving licence to private Power Generators. I for one have witnessed comendable increase in electricity even tho we are not yet there, but we are a work in progress. Again Rome was not built in a day..

Number 9 is Super highways, modern rail ways and modern airports.

Part I like the most. Work is ongoing on major terrible portions of Nigerian highways thanks to SUKUK Bond. Lagos-Ibadan I know and have seen with my very eye.

Abuja-Kaduna-Kano I can testify. People say it is happening in the East. Lokoja-Okene-Benin. I know work is on going in those major highways from North to South length and breadth of Nigeria. Rome was not built in a day.

Railway. I have entered train from Kaduna to Abuja.

Lagos to Ibadan rail is functional. And expected to reach kano. People are test running rail travels already from Lagos to ibadan and back. Testimonies abound.

Rotimi Amechi has turned to a Chinese man just because of this.

Buhari even opened University of Transportation to make sure everything rail is secured in Nigeria.

Airports. Go to NNamdi Azikiwe in Abuja and see ultra modern New terminal International wing.

Go to Mallam Aminu Kano airport in Kano.

Go to Muritala in Lagos. Go to Enugu. Go and check what is happening in airports then come back here to report..

Number 10. Explain wealth above salary.

Allen Onyenma can testify. orji Uzor Kalu can testify. Mompha can testify. EFCC is leaving no stone unturned.

And the last was about equiping the military, please lets not talk about that.

Buhari increased moral of our military personel in the fore front of the Boko Haram insurgency.

Buhari bought Fighter jets for the Airforce. Buhari has done a lot in terms of strengthing the military and building Nigerian Military capacity. Buhari is Promise kept.


OMA Public Affairs Analyst.