Border Closure is like Cutting the Head off cos of an Headache

By OMA | 21-11-2019 | Politics |  

Nigeria must do better to be better


This Border closure issue is harken to cutting off the head because you have an Headache.

The Nigerian Authorities should realise that our borders being porous is a function of negligence from the state.

if our Institutions are strengthened and Enforcement officers are Mandated to be proactive and not reactive.

if enforcement officers do not compromise on service to Country first.

if the Nigerian Immigration and Nigerian Customs live up to their core mandate, 

Borders would not be this Porous in Nigeria.

Truthfully our Porous Borders affects us in all negative ways from aliens strolling into our territorial space from all parts of Africa to Smuggling of goods and depriving the government of tariffs, 

The government should realise that closing of the borders is never a solution to whatever menace is being constituted at our various porous borders.

Cutting off the Head is Never the cure to an Headache.

Nigeria must do better than Mere closing of border to being the big brother in Africa that encourages free but Responsible trade.

I add my voice to re-open our Borders even tho I want our farmers to be gainfully employed, they must also be competitive and meet international acceptable standards.

that I want local rice farmers to prosper is not a reason to check in with my dentist after biting hard on stone all in the name of patronising local rice.

local rice farmer should be competitve.

customs officers should man the borders squarely.

immigrations should do thorough due deligence in scrutinising Alien invasion into the country.

open the borders now.


Public Affairs Commentator.