Bishop Oyedepo and Sheik Gumi are False Prophets. 2019 Elections proved it.

06-03-2019 | Politics |  

False religious leaders.

Truth is omnipotent. Truth is universal. Truth is unfalsifyable. Truth is true till eternity.

I cant believe Atiku and his former Boss Obasanjo failed to win Buhari.

I cant believe with the conievance of Bishop David Oyedepo and Sheik Gumi and all their sheninigans still failed to topple Muhammadu okechwuku Abraham lincoln Buhari.

Ogbuagu, Lion slayer and destroyer of the PDP. Buhari you are too good for them.

Oyedepo and Gumi are same different sides of same coin called religion.

False demonic religious leaders. Liars.

Why didnt his living faith or winners chapel win the elections for Atiku?. Or why didnt Sheik Gumi win for Atiku from his mosque.

False religious leaders.

My people. These people are pure con men hiding behind Religion.

God has chosen Buhari and not even Bishop oyedepo or Sheik Gumi can stop it.

This is a Buhari era. Its a phinomenon that cant be distorted. Especially by fake men of God.

Sheik Gumi and Bishop oyedepo with all their evil powers couldnt stop Buhari...

Allahu Akbar God is Great.

If lies travel for a thousand years, Truth catches up with it in just a second.

Carry go Baba Buhari.

We that are with you are far more than those against you.

Abi 15 million no pass 11 million.

4 million votes no be childs play at all oo.

4 million votes no be moi-moi or ale-ale.

4million vote is the people speaking thru the ballot of their unveivering and unshakable and unquestionable loyalty to #MaiGaskiya.

Baba Go slow. Slow and steady is what wins the race.

Baba go slow I love you.

Baba go slow is my eternal hero.




Atiku dollar can never buy 4 million votes in the market.

There would come a time ur money would fail you but #Truth #Gaskiya would speak for you.

Baba Buhari thy kingdom come.

If I were an idol worshipper, Buhari would be my idol.

Baba I love you.

Nigeria #SaiBabaBuhari

Yan Atikulates can go chop some chocolate