Between Obaseki and Oshiomole. ; A Candid Point of View.

By OMA | 21-11-2019 | Politics |  

Learn from the 48 laws of Power


By the Time Federal Might falls down heavily on Obaseki ehnnn.

He will know all that Gra gra at State level only ends there.

if Obaseki were to be a good student of the laws of Power, he should have known that you never outshine the master.

Atiku tried to be smart with Obasanjo. Today see the result.

Goodluck tried to be smart with obasanjo, see the result.

Ambode tried to outshine Tinubu, see the result.

Dickson was not loyal to Goodluck in the just concluded Bayelsa Elections, see the Results.

Obaseki should know he his threading in territories he should not step.

Obaseki can not lock horns with Oshimole.

it has to go sour for one person and it certainly cant be Oshiomole.

As it Stands today, the Edo Caucus in the National Assembly has aligned with Oshiomole.

my advice is that Obaseki threads softly and with Caution and seek to end this amicably.