Between Nairamarley and Dolapo Badmus, Where is the Moral Compass of Our Society

By OMA | 01-11-2019 | Politics |  

Nigerians are a growing people.


Nigeria is a force to contend with in Africa and emerging in the International Stage but still seem to be struggling in adjuments with where the moral compass should face.

Lets face it.

Where is the moral compass of our society facing?

Sex for Grades. Yahoo Yahoo. Mompha

The list is endless.

The Youths seem most to be at the receiving end cos they are a product of the society.

It is what they see they are influenced with.

Then the tale of Nairamarley. Is he against or for being a bad influence.

Was he talking subtly against the ills of the society when he tweeted on social media

"Having a big booty is better than having a Masters Degree".

In our today society where incidences like #Sex4Grades is rampant,

There could be a subtle message in what Nairamarley seems to be saying.

As a society we need to take a wholistic view inwards to check what defines us to be one.

The Values we hold to be true.

There is so much perversness and corruption in the system that would only throw up a bad influence on the youth like Nairamarley.

The Advice to the Youth is Simple.

Having a Great Body is good but having a Masters Degree is far better than having a Great Body, Cos your body might not be Great for Ever but your Masters Degree would sustain you. It is far better.

That is the Message the Elegant Policewoman Dolapo Badmus passed to counter Nairamarley.

We Must ask ourselves as a society.

Where do our Moral Compass face.