#BayelsaDecides ; Tell me Buhari is not a better leader.

By OMA | 18-11-2019 | Politics |  

Lessons from lessons learnt.


When Elections becomes about Teaching people "A lessons", then we must take notes from the Lessons learnt.

Elections are raving at the moment and many political analyst will not cease to comment. Politics is intriguing.

In this Arguement that Seriaki Dickson of Bayelsa lost because he was not Loyal to Goodluck Jonathan and probably to Nyesom Wike, it was a done and dusted agreement that Dickson should be taught a lesson even tho it would involve a milestone and trading tradition.

Bayelsa is A Traditional PDP state from its inception. Teach an erring Governor a lesson and lossing the State to APC was a better one for PDP..

That was the arguement from some of the observations pouring by the second as to join trends on social media.

Then I thought to myself, if truly it was about teaching Dickson a lesson,

I flashed back and remembered Goodluck and Patience had paid Wike a visit in Porthacourt not too long ago.

Goodluck had also paid President Buhari a visit too in the not too distant past.

Were the tradings going on behind the scene to deliver Bayelsa State to APC, that I cant tell.

But what we can tell now tho is that pictures are circulating the internet of APC Chieftains paying Visit to Former President Jonathan as he is seen with his wife felicitating and in a joyous mood about the APC Candidate's victory.

Then I recalled not too long ago, David Lyon had paid a visit to Goodluck Jonathan's Mother, mama had prayed for him and blessed him as anointed candidate.

You begin to think these things add up from hindsight then you quickly juxtapose from 2015.

You see, in 2015, They Said Obasanjo wanted to teach Goodluck a Lesson and he Allowed PDP Lose to Muhammadu Buhari of APC.

The thing tho is this.. Buhari now can checkmate excesses of Obasanjo.

Buhari can also checkmate Jonathan as it is today.

Obasanjo can still checkmate Jonathan but certainly not Buhari.

Jonathan can not check Buhari nor Obasanjo.

So, Tell me Buhari is not a More stringent leader.

As it is Today, David Lyon of the APC is the New Buhari in Bayelsa State from the Same APC Buhari Party.

Lets just pray relationship between David Lyon and Goodluck Jonathan goes smooth and pray Goodluck Jonathan can at least check Lyon.

Atimes, if might not be easy to tame a lion. Sorry Lyon.

In the Instance that David Lyon and Goodluck does not get along, only one APC Scenerio comes to mind....

The Edo Card where State Governor Obaseki is digging it with Party Chairman Oshiomole.

Since this politics thing is about leasons learnt.

Lets learn the right lessons from History.

Lets stop failing and falling to same perceived mistakes of the past.

For Now tho! Bayelsa is APC and APC is Bayelsa.