Atiku's Visa Issues to America.

By OMA | 01-12-2018 | Politics |  

Political shenanigans


Good morning folks and happy New month of December 2018.

Just a reminder that Gbega Daniels one time former Governor of Ogun State promised Atiku was going to travel to the United States of America November Ending.

Today is December 1st 2018 and Atiku has not finished sorting out Visa issues not to talk of fly to America.

Is this the Atiku they want us to take his word for it?

Is this the Atiku, Segun Sowunmi, Gbenga Daniel and Doyin okupe are fighting so hard to sell to Nigerians?

Jubiliating that their Boss went to American embassy on Tuesday and they await reponse in the affirmative their Boss was going to be granted Visa.

Well, Spokes person for the American Embassy in waltercarringhton crescent in Lagos had come out hard on our Politicians advising them to be issue focused rather than partisan.

Will Atiku Enter America before the forth coming General elections? These are intrigues we expect to play out in the coming days, weeks and few months to the February 2019 General Elections.