Atiku Lied.

25-12-2018 | Politics |  

Lying Politicians

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How much is too much?

Just How much is too much?

How do we curb the excesses of all these un-repentant politicians?

A Serving Nigerian Soldier of the Nigerian Armed Forces Died in Active Duty and service to father land in the Hands of Insurgents and Terrorist far away in Sambisa forest North-East Nigeria and A Former vice President for 8 years that was Vice President in the formative years of the dreaded Boko Haram Sect had no other way of addressing the new low in the country's security situation only to lie and play politics with such a sensitive issue.

Atiku Abubakar at various instances might have lied undetected by the general public but a lie such as this shouldnt be swept under the carpet.

Atiku Abubakar is not yet president and hin don already dey blow this kind big big lie.

If hin come be president when immunity go cover am nkor?

That mean say na so so presidential lie PDP presidential Aspirant go dey blow.

How dare you lie over such a sacrosanct incidence such as the life of a Human Being. A Soldier of the Armed forces of the Federal republic of Nigeria. A high ranking officer that rose through the ranks till he attained the height of a leiutenat Colonel, Just a cadre below hanging his Red-Neck to become a full blown Red-Neck Officer and you decide to politik with such a high ranking officers death claiming you called his wife to condole and console with her and the family he left behind just to score cheap political point and boost your chances at the upcoming Febuary 2019 General elections.

Just how much is too much?

Politicians can do and say anything all in the name of Politics to manuever their way and deceive their followers just to get the golden price.

Shine your eyes ooo. Once these politicians reach there ehnn the music go change ooo.

You never reach there you don blow this kind heavy lie. If you reach nkor, you go kuku sell Nigeria blow lie ontop join sef.

It had to take the Widow of the slain Hero to come out and debunk Atiku's claim before the PDP presidential aspirant corrected himself and made it look like it was a "Communication error".

This to me goes a long way to confirm what Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Had written in his Book about Atiku Abubakar saying Atiku was questionable with his "Inability to stick-by and speak the Truth at all time"... My Watch (Olusegun Obasanjo)

This is a clear case of not being able to stick by the truth just as obasanjo had mentioned in his book about Atiku.

I do hope the electorates put this to cognisance.

OMA Reporting for as a concerned Nigerian.