Apex Igbo Group Ohaneze Seeks Change of Name for Nigeria.

28-10-2019 | Politics |  

There is something about a Name.


Apex igbo Sociocultural group Ohaneze Ndigbo has come out with the Suggestion of having Nigeria Change its Name.

The Group stating that there is something about a name and that the Name Nigeria conotes lack of progress, Corruption and Darkness, suggested that all the Ethnics within the country comes up with a suitable name.

The group also made known that other African countries had done away with their colonial names as imposed on them by their colonial masters but Nigeria remained with its name.

It was stated that the Name "Nigeria" was given by Lord lugards Girl friend, Flora Shaw, in which lord lugard agreed to at as a "Heat of the Moment"

Sugestions for New Names for Nigeria are welcome as your opinion matters.