APC In Emergency National Caucus Meeting.

18-02-2019 | Politics |  

Emergency National Caucus Meeting.


Ongoing Right Now at the APC National Secretariat is an APC "National Caucus Meeting" and this meeting apparently is holding at the instance that can not be far fetched from the Postpoment of Elections by INEC.

In attendance were the top most echelon in the heireachy of the party. President Muhammadu Buhari, National leader of the party Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Party Chairman Oshiomoleh Adams, Sitting Vice President Yemi osinbajo, Minister of Transport Rotimi Amechi and APC members from the National Assembly.

Speaking at lent was Adams Oshiomoleh eulogising and singing praises of President Muhammadu Buhari on how he was personally able to visit all the 36 states of the federation and the FCT during the campaign

Speaking further, Adams Oshiomoleh spoken in clear terms on his "Disgust" for INEC Chairman everytime he gives excuses why the elections were postponed.

Oshiomoleh raised concerns about interference with INEC from external sources and in particular accused the PDP of planning to sabotage and rig elections.

Talking on PDP Rigging mechanism, Oshiomoleh on a lighter note had called in on Rotimi Amechi to testify how PDP usually rigged elections during the Transport ministers time at the PDP.

Adams Oshiomoleh kept speaking on and on and on and occasionally you have President Buhari steer at him intermittently.

"On my part sir, when the going gets tough is when the tough gets going, we must give confidence to our people to come ouy enmass and vote."

When it was Time for President Buhari to Speak, He observed all Protocols, And made known to Pressmen present that himself was informed INEC postponed the Election on at aroynd 5am as he was in his Native Daura Country home in Katsina State Nigeria.

The President said after the elections, there were going to look into reasons why INEC had to postpone the Elections.

"We have to tell our constituencies that they have to be patient and they have to go and vote again, I do not expect anybody wpuld make any disturbance.

I have briefed the security agencies and they have secured flash points.

"Anybody who mobilises in his locality to arrange thugs to snatch ballot boxes would do so at the expense of his own life"

Thank you very Much..

Those were some of the remarks from President Buhari before Adams Oshiomoleh took center stage again to drum the party slogan..

APC, Sai Buhari.