Analysis of the latest Boko Haram Video released on Youtube.

By OMA | 05-01-2018 | Politics |  

Compare Boko Haram stands with What Government is telling us.


Media Houses should beware.

In the latest Boko Haram Video released on Youtube, the dreaded sect were said to this time particularly be angry at the conventional and social media for what it termed "under-reporting" of their activities by the press reminding press houses they were the ones responsible for the mayhem unleashed on THISDAY Newspaper in 2012 and possibly could still pull another such attack on any media house.

Juxtapose that with governments claims of defeating the sect that there are only a remnant few left and then check if it adds up to the huge 1billion dollar to be withdrawn from the ECA account that is still raising a lot of controversy and then add that to the fact Nigeria is running up to an election early 2019.

Combining all the above and trying to make sense of it doesn't add up.

Media Houses should be warned of this position Boko haram has taken and should be very security conscious and be sure to take not of un-known strange faces entering into their premises.

Image credit ; Google photo