Amotekun. All the Heat and All the Controversy

By OMA | 25-01-2020 | Politics |  

Amotekun is here for real


There is that Will Smith's movie I watched.

Talking to his son, he subtly gave him one of the best advice ever.

'If you want something, Go for it, go get it, dont ever let them tell you that you are not good enough'.

Nobody is ever going to give you a chance and that is why you must take chances.

They are Never ever going to give it to you, you must take it by force, as right from the days of john the baptist, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force.

They are Never going to ever give it to you on a platter of Gold. You Must go Take it By force.

If there is anything I have learnt from this "AMOTEKUN" saga, its only one thing.

That we the yoruba speaking People at the West side of the South Side of the River Niger are not the Noise making type or the chest beating type.

We did not make any Noise About Amotekun.

We knew what we wanted and we went for it..

Noise from left right and centre was never enough to deter us.

It was alleged that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Federation Mallam Abubakar Malami had declared the South west Security Network as an illegal out fit..

That was not going to stop or deter or hinder our progressive thinking south western Governors from "Taking it By Force".

Secretary of Miyeti Allah Cattle breeders association was on channels Tv the other day and called the whole Yoruba race "Illitrates" .. While the reality on ground in Nigeria is that No tribe in Present day Nigeria is as Educated and as progressive as the Yoruba Speaking People.

Today what do we Have.

Amotekun has come to stay...

We knew what we wanted. We did not beg anybody for it or take permission from anybody.

It was simply what we wanted and we knew it and we took it.

Today, Abubakar Malami and the Governors are working out modalities to ratify Amotekun.

Other tribes, Especially our Noisy neighbours from the South should learn that.

Nobody is ever going to Give it to You on a platter of Gold.

You want Something, its Simple. Go get it.

If you do anyhow on Yoruba Soil, You see anyhow.

Amotekun has come to Stay.

Behold, I present to you the first Graduate Cadet from the Amotekun Defence Academy (ADA).

I Pledge my unwavering suppourt to Amotekun.