Allen Onyenma keeps date with EFCC

By OMA | 30-11-2019 | Politics |  

EFCC Begins Questioning and Interrogation


When omascope published the "The Allen Onyenma Register",

It was greeted with so much criticism that the Article was published with Ethnic bias and that Allen Onyenma was being targeted because he is from a certain part of the country.

From the Articulation from that write up, That Allen Onyenma Register was written with prior knowledge there was going to be real devastating after effect of that breaking news at the Time, That was why it was imperative to have opened a complete register for the Allen Onyenma Story becauae it was not going to be a story to sweep under the carpets from the weighty allegations leveled against Allen Onyenma and the Ultimate involvement of American Law Enforcement, omascope had concluded we were in for a long ride as that was the first in a series of Can's of worms to be blown open.

Latest developments and in a report as monitored on the Nations Newspaper Nigeria, EFCC began to question Allen Onyenma Already, although the report suggested he was given Administrative Bail being that he is Still Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

The report quoted EFCC as being on the look out for a Senior Advicer on the Amnesty program whom they said probably might have gone to hiding.

The report revealed the lavish lifestyle Allen Onyenma lived between 2007 to 2015 suggesting his NGO's benefitted from funds from the Amnesty Program.

The report beamed lights on his dealings with various American Banks and how he bought luxurious cars..

From Bank of America, to JP Morgan Chase to Wells fargo Banks, closing and opening accoutns at will and moving and trasnsfering funds at will typical of a money laundering person.

Buying Exotic cars from Phantom Rolls Royce to Mercedes Benz and Ferraries.

EFCC admitted to questioning the Air Peace CEO and we can only wait and watch as events unfold in this Allen Onyenma Register.

In all, tune of money involded would amout to about $44 Million dollars.